Permanent Haircuts


Mom’s friend had come home visiting, and for me, that meant meeting N after quite a long time. Well, a few weeks is indeed a long time in a five-year-old’s life (it still feels like an eternity if I badly want to meet someone). I was really excited. A playmate is always welcome.

Fourteen years is a long time, so I don’t remember every detail of our playdate that day. What I do remember though is our ‘Beauty Salon’ game. I had a set of tiny dolls, a gift from another of Mom’s friends. They were around five plastic figurines of little girls, each of whom had her hair in a curious shade: blue, green, maybe purple as well. We decided to give them a ‘makeover’. We tried giving them new clothes, though that wasn’t possible considering the little frocks were well-fit and stitched close to their plastic bodies. Not the ones to easily give up, we decided to glam up our gang of girls with some stylish haircuts.

The scissors were quickly sourced, probably from my toy/bookshelf, and soon little bits of funky coloured hair adorned the floor. Although never a child who enjoyed playing with human dolls, I along with my friend, was proud of the new hairdos we had given our girls.

We then decided to move on to our next game: ‘Pet Spa’. So our next (involuntary) client was a stuffed toy: the furry dog. We decided to give Mr Furry Dog’s coat a nice trim, with the vague aim of making all the strands of fur the same length.

By the time we had finished with Mr Furry’s trimming, it was time for N to leave. I bid her goodbye and returned to my room, but now I had a tingling feeling (of fear) near my ears (that’s how I used to feel as a child when I sensed trouble), as I wondered about the sensibility of our choice of ‘games’ that evening. The answer was not too far away, for a little while later, my mother came to ask me about our playdate, and saw remnants of our adventure on the floor.

She was shocked at what we’d done (I wasn’t usually a ‘destructive’ child) and even a bit disappointed at our foolishness. With a little admonishing from my mother, this is the lesson I learnt from that evening: “It’s okay to make mistakes, but remember, dolls don’t grow back their hair!”


Inking it!

Write, my love, write…

What do you know of the treasures that heart and mind of yours hold?

Deep inside you, that curious, fantastic idea, that shy little spark, that glimmer in your soul, is probably aching!

Aching for that moment when that hand of yours, freeing itself from the manacles of your mind, 

Shall set that pen it has been yielding for so long on to paper…

So that it shall pour out all that they hold, in a boundless flow.
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Why do I feel so lonely? Why does my heart ache, my jaws go numb with pain? Why does everything feel so icy and cold? Every dream so mean, all means so hostile? Why is it sometimes so difficult to come across a smile, a gentle word or a touch, things so easy to give yet so tough at times to find?

Maybe that’s why we have memories. 

Memories of bad times to remind us what not to do.

Memories of tough times to remind us of what we’ve been through.

Memories of good times to keep us going, to tell us that our dreams can come true.

Love’s little things

Love cannot be comprehensively described; people think of it in different ways. This is an attempt to describe my idea of it.

Love doesn’t happen overnight. Well, probably sometimes you feel that tingle, that you’ll eventually love someone, but it doesn’t arrive with a bang in your face. It develops slowly, bit by bit in those little things, sometimes imperceptible, sometimes so consciously!

It is in a little smile, a kind word, a ‘how are you?’ or an ‘are you alright?’. In that gentle touch, that joke and the laughter that follows it, in those ‘innocent face, mischievous eyes’ looks that you discreetly exchange. At times maybe in just discussing a common interest, in those loving and falsely-heated arguments, and that stern (quite often hopelessly ineffective) tickings-off.

It is in that deep gaze with which you look into the other’s eyes, a ‘goodbye’ with a small smile that love sprouts.

It is also in the respect you have for the other – their opinions, beliefs, faith, quirks, even boundaries. 

These things pass by between one and the other, slowly, hesitatingly, gradually, longingly, probably unspoken but understood.

Love is strong as well. It persists through the darkness – sickness, a ‘no-communication’ gap long or short, an unanswered call, an unreplied message, an argument, a bad mood, temper tantrums. Yes, sometimes it feels questioned, it is challenged, it is sad. But when it is true, it persists because it believes, it hopes, it cares, it is special, it is… love, it knows it is meant to go deep – a connection between souls.
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The Time Shall Come…

You’re feeling sad, empty (a bit), you don’t know what to do, you don’t feel like doing the things that you ought to do…

The Sun shall rise again, in fact, he’s not sunk at all; he’s only visiting another part of your world. How would you know the beauty of a bright summer morn, if you’d never experience the quiet, moonless, mysterious night? Well, actually the night isn’t that bad, if that was what you were thinking. Remember that quote from Harry Potter? What our dear, good, old Dumbledore said? “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light”. 

Be your own candle in the dark, probably sharing your light with someone else’s candle would make you feel better, for then, there would be two candles burning instead of just one. The Sun shall soon be back.

A Spot


Rest and motion are relative
So too, the world is wonderful and creative
Mysterious and confusing
Yet simple and reassuring
Life maybe a mystery
Yet it’s so pretty
We may be a train going to nowhere
But let’s spread happiness everywhere.
The earth may be tiny, a dot in our galaxy
But let’s be a spot of humanity
Spreading love and happiness
Making lives comfortable and joyous
Let’s be that twinkling spot in our galaxy
Where you’re free to come and experience a world of fantasy
Let’s be that spot of hope and care
Until the Earth lives and fades
But still, let the aliens say,
“There once lived a planet called Earth
So full of hope, love and mirth!!!”

PS: This initially untitled impromptu poem was again, originally written to myself when I was deciding what to pursue after Class 10.

A Prayer



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As Christopher Columbus says in the play ‘The Discovery’ by Herman Ould, “Would God ever plant a mystery and not provide the answer to it?”

To us simple, mortal humans, life is a mystery….. when we are born, while we go on and till we are gone! What is the purpose of God to bring us to this Earth? He has a purpose for bringing every one of us… a road map, a script, whatever we want to call His plan.

Life is a play, a journey,… just keep contact at all times with the path layer or playwright as the road you’re going on is a new one, you’re the first and only person travelling on it. There are many roads which open up on either side often, but you need to go on the road made for you; only the path maker knows the path you should travel on. So, keep your telephone line always connected with the path maker. Or else… you’ll end up on the wrong road!!!

We don’t know what lies ahead or at the end of the road, as you’re the first one travelling on it, and because, by God’s grace we are still going on, the mystery too, goes on.

Don’t be afraid. Once again, keep the telephone line connected with the path maker and remember to keep the line a two-way one!!!

And remember to take in the beauty, and sights of the surrounding hillside and don’t sit with your eyes shut on the ride on the Konkan Coast (railway) Line!!!

PS: I’m very sorry for this long period of inactivity, it’s been more than two months now since I last posted. As I said in my first post, I’m  yet to get comfortable with this idea of posting things in the public domain. I’ll try to post a little more often hereafter.  🙂

This writing was originally written to myself when I was deciding what to study after Class X. Except for a few minor changes, this post is the same as the original writing.







Inspiration from History

There are times when we feel that we have become irreparable; it’s too late, the time at hand is not sufficient for us to bring about the change we want to. There are goals with a looming deadline  – goals that were meant to help you realize your dream and you feel that you will never be able to realize them just because there’s just not enough time! This was how I was feeling when I was preparing for my examinations two months ago – a sense of distress and hopelessness had descended upon me.

One day, when preparing for the History examination, I was reading about the various Revolutions – Industrial, French, Russian – one of the most fascinating topics for me in History. (For those who are alien to these words but would like to know more, please contact Prof. Google!  🙂 ) What struck me about these events was the speed at which these societies changed in such a short period of time. (Of course, these revolutions had their flip sides too, but then, let’s skip the ‘good, bad and ugly’ discussion here.) Consider this: These revolutions took place in times which were not as advanced as the present. These people did not have the benefits of advanced transport and communication systems like we do today and yet, these people did enough to change the course of History in a year or a few! Probably, at that time, those people did not imagine that they would bring about a change of such a great magnitude in such a short time. But then, they had the courage to stand up for their rights, to strive for their betterment, and the rest as they say, is history.

Time is a powerful weapon. The potential it possesses depends upon the people who use it.  Martin Luther says, “History is a great teacher”. And if History is to be believed, it is definitely possible to bring about the change we want in whatever time is available. All we need is a really strong will. And lots of courage and faith.

Bits and Pieces



Bits and Pieces: This blog is about random things – thoughts, ideas, experiences, etc.  The content is certainly not authoritative in nature; in fact, things (thoughts, ideas) might even contradict those that you read in future/previous posts! This is because I’m no man (woman) of the world :-D. I still am (and probably will always be) figuring out the meaning of various things in life and the universe at large. In the process of understanding things, there might be quite a few contradictions taking place!

Please don’t mind if you find the content crazy, and definitely, none of it is meant to hurt anyone :-).

Good bye! And this time, I can say, there’s a new post coming up very soon!

With regards,

Minerva Hedwig

(Tina D’Souza)




Welcome to Bits and Pieces!!!

I’m finally starting to write this blog today thanks to the persistent efforts of my friend Sumedha – he’s the author of the blog ‘DOODLING OF A ECONOMICUS TEENAGER!’. You can check it out here:  (after you read mine, of course! 😉 )

I’m not usually comfortable putting my thoughts on paper (or publishing them in the form of a blog, either) but then as Mark Twain says, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. So hope this shall be the beginning of a wonderful blogging experience.

Goodbye, until next time!!

           – Minerva Hedwig